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Standard operating procedure (SOP)

Inspection :
  1. On the basis of customer’s confirmation, a civil engineer from our company will meet with the customer and inspect the site from where the problem of water seepage/leakage occurs. There both the persons will discuss about the concerned problem and it’s solution.
  2. The Service engineer will provide a quotation towards the service after proper measurement of the site including 1.3 ft. from the parapet wall. Moreover he/she will also provide the detailed information regarding company and its work procedure like pamphlet, flyers and client list where we performed the waterproofing chemical treatment successfully since last fifteen years.
  3. For these particular services, the service engineer will charge Rs. 300/- as inspection charge and this amount will be deducted during the final bill payment after work.
Agreement :
  1. Once the roof leakage inspection is successfully done, on the basis of customer’s confirmation we will proceed for making the agreement. The agreement paper includes the necessary information like area coverage, expense of work and the GUARANTEE periods. This agreement will be confirmed by the customer and the company by signature on the agreement paper.
  2. In the agreement paper it will be written clearly "Please note that, this treatment holds written guarantee for ten years. By guarantee we mean, if any time within the guarantee period there is any complaint of water seepage or leakage from any part of the roof, MRTC will carry out supplementary treatment free of cost what so ever."
  3. During the preparation of the agreement, company will charge 70% of the total amount as advance payment required for the booking of the waterproofing chemical and it will also be mentioned in the agreement paper.
Work Starts :
  1. Once the agreement is done successfully we will then start working within 48hrs from the date of agreement. A team of 4-5 technical persons along with a civil engineer from company will come to the site with all the necessary tools, equipments and waterproofing chemical.
  2. At first, the roof will be cleaned with wire brushes and brushes totally.
  3. Then, the engineer will review the roof carefully to determine the presence of any visible cracks on the roof. If any crack is identified, it will be operated 2 inch deep as ‘V’ shape. And it will be filled with either 3:1 or 4:1 depending on the roof condition. After filling it will be dried up by Blow lamp.
  4. Once these pre-treatment will complete, then the waterproofing chemical will be heated to transform it from semi-solid to liquid form. Once the chemical gets its liquid form, it will be spread on the entire roof including 1.3ft. Parapet wall.
  5. On the same day, it will be seen that the water proofing chemical starts penetrating through the micro holes and the hair cracks present on the roof and depending on the moisture content, dryness and temperature of the roof. The total chemical applied on the roof surface will penetrate inside the roof and it will bring the natural colour of the roof back after some few days.
  6. This waterproofing chemical treatment results in the formation of inner side layer within the concrete of the roof, functioning as a micro holes and hair crack filler compound which will stop/inhibit the water to penetrate inside from any parts of the roof and it will work as rust proof to the rods present in the concrete for very long period like 12-15 yrs.
  7. Once the roof treatment is successfully done, the customer will need to make the final payment of the balance amount.
Work Starts